News | July 24, 2007

Nucletron Announces First microSelectron Digital Afterloader Installs in U.S., Canada

June 25, 2007 - Nucletron announced that Arizona Oncology Services (AOS) is the first U.S. healthcare practice to install the new microSelectron Digital afterloader. AOS Scottsdale Center in Scottsdale; AOS Paradise Valley Center in Phoenix; AOS Arrowhead Center in Glendale; and AOS East Valley Center in Mesa will use the equipment for multicatheter and high-dose rate (HDR) brachytherapy to treat breast, gynecologic and prostate cancers.
The first Canadian install of the device is at the Princess Margaret Hospital Radiation Medicine Program in Toronto. The center initially will use the equipment for HDR brachytherapy to treat endobronchial, esophageal and gynecologic cancers.
Robert R. Kuske, M.D., of the AOS Scottsdale Center, stated, "AOS pioneered brachytherapy in Arizona and is committed to providing the most advanced technological, patient-focused care. The microSelectron's digital technology allows maximum control and safety for our cancer patients."
The microSelectron reportedly eliminates the time required to reconnect the transfer tubes when treating a larger site, dramatically shortening patient wait time during setup.
"We estimate that the new microSelectron could reduce patient treatment time by nearly an hour over a series of 10 treatments," said David C. Beyer, MD, vice president of AOS. "Shorter treatment time improves quality of life by reducing patient waits, stress and anxiety. It also increases treatment availability for all of our patients."

“The Nucletron microSelectron Digital afterloader solution has the array of applicators suitable to our clinical needs,” said Ivan Yeung, Ph.D., lead physicist in the Brachytherapy Program at the Princess Margaret Hospital. “The new system is one that affords us the versatility we require in treating multiple cancer sites throughout the body.”

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