Technology | April 09, 2007

Next-Generation Infusion System from Hospira

Hospira Inc.’s Symbiq intravenous medication management system is an “intelligent” pump that incorporates safety software and instinctive programming options, including differentiated, clinician-friendly features to decrease errors and improve workflow.
Features include built-in software designed to provide total compliance with dosing, clinical and safety guidelines, sophisticated reporting capabilities and process and product standardization support; intuitive LCD display, similar to an ATM screen that provides simple layouts and touch-activated buttons to help minimize errors and an easy-to-read display with large font and color prompts so a clinician can view medication status from a distance of up to 12 feet, under normal circumstances; a quick-release pole clamp that enables clinicians to rapidly move or attach the system to an I.V. pole or bed rail, which is critical when a pump has to be transported within a facility; and an automatic medication-loading slot, similar to putting a disc into a DVD player, that allows easy and time-saving insertion of the medication administration set.