Technology | August 15, 2007

Newport e360 Ventilator Now Equipped with New Biphasic Breath Type

Newport Medical Instruments Inc.’s newest generation of ventilator, the Newport e360, has added a new Biphasic breath type to its latest software version.
Biphasic Pressure Release Ventilation (BPRV) allows free inhalation and exhalation during a pressure-controlled breath by means of a partially open, actively controlled exhalation valve. The goal of BPRV is to improve patient comfort, reduce the expiratory work of breathing and possibly improve oxygenation when the patient has an intact respiratory drive.
BPRV can make pressure-controlled ventilation with extended inspiratory times more comfortable for the actively breathing patient and therefore may reduce the amount of sedation and/or paralysis needed.
On the e360, there are no new modes, hidden menus or controls to figure out prior to use. The open exhalation valve feature works as an adjunct to pressure control and can be enabled via the Graphic User Interface.