News | April 23, 2007

New X-Ray Drape May Reduce Occupational Hazard

April 24, 2007 - AADCO Medical Inc. has developed a new sterilized disposable surgical drape, X-drape, made from its non-leaded composite radiation absorbing material, "X-Ban" and reportedly works within the sterile field to significantly reduce dose from scatter radiation, up to 98 percent.

Radiation overexposure from the use of X-ray fluoroscopy during diagnostic and interventional procedures is an occupational hazard for physicians and their staffs. Unlike patients who may have one or two of these procedures during their lifetime, occupational personnel like physicians, may do thousands of these cases during their careers and the radiation exposure they receive has a cumulative effect. The biological effect of this accumulating radiation dosage takes years to manifest itself, placing them at high risk for serious illness and disease later in life.