Technology | June 11, 2007

New Technology Assists Hospitals in Securely Transferring Data

A new wireless platform for Hospira’s medication infusion devices incorporates leading-edge authentication standards and encryption protocols to assist hospitals in securely transferring data and complying with patient confidentiality regulations. The technology also provides the first three-in-one wireless multiband module for an infusion system, enabling hospitals to select any of three frequency modes for communication.
The platform's expanded security options help ensure only designated, approved hospital staff accesses clinical data transmitted between the devices and hospital information technology systems as part of the intravenous medication administration process. Hospitals can also choose to operate the company's infusion devices in the "b" or "g" modes, as well as the less frequently used "a" (5 GHz band) wireless mode, to help ensure clear, consistent data transmission.
Hospira is currently offering this capability with the Plum A single-channel infusion device and will be adding it to its Plum A 3 triple-channel device, LifeCare PCA patient-controlled analgesia system and Symbiq infusion system later this year. The devices work in conjunction with the Hospira MedNet system, a scalable and upgradeable patient safety platform.