News | April 17, 2008

New Procedures Consult Modules Offer Emergency Medicine, Anesthesia References Online

April 18, 2008 - Elsevier, a publisher of scientific, technical and medical information products and services, this week added three new modules in orthopedics, anesthesia and emergency medicine to its online Procedures Consult reference.

Elsevier launched the reference site in July 2007 with 40 procedures in internal medicine. The online multimedia resource is designed to help physicians, medical residents and students learn, perform and test their knowledge of the most frequent medical procedures. The site currently contains 140 separate procedures, including actual procedure videos, text and animation.

Healthcare organizations, including hospitals, medical groups and medical schools, can customize Procedures Consult to fit their needs. They can add procedure-specific alerts and links to organizational resources, such as informed consent forms, hospital standard procedures or patient education materials, while also monitoring physician test completion for credentialing compliance.

The new content for emergency medicine includes 50 new procedures with expert video content developed in conjunction with Gary S. Setnik, M.D., chair, department of emergency medicine, and Todd W. Thomsen, M.D. at Mount Auburn Hospital, an affiliate of Harvard Medical School

There are 34 new anesthesia procedures, including coverage of both general and regional anesthesia. The content was developed in conjunction with the University of Pennsylvania, Department of Anesthesia.

In orthopedics 39 new procedures, representing over 78 surgical techniques, are presented. Expert video content was developed in conjunction with Campbell Clinic.

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