News | October 21, 2008

New PH-740 Scale Delivers Greater Accessibility

Tanita Corp. has introduced its new professional acute care scale, the PH-740 digital handrail scale.

The new scale reportedly allows greater accessibility for patients and increased portability and accuracy for healthcare professionals in the geriatric and bariatric fields.

The extra-wide 30-inch by 25-inch, low-profile platform makes it suited for patients who have trouble stepping up and onto traditional physician scales. The scale features an automatic body mass index (BMI) calculation and RS-232 and USB outputs, which accommodate most electronic medical record (EMR) applications. The durable, yet portable, unit can be easily broken down into three modules – the display, the platform (which houses the load cell), and the pillar – and is equipped with casters for easy mobility. The PH-740 also features a mechanical height rod, allowing patients height to be taken the same time as weight. Other features include a large 2-line LCD display and an instant-on capability.

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