Draeger Medical’s newly FDA-cleared Infinity TeleSmart system features a compact device capable of monitoring ECG and SpO2 and runs on an industry-standard WiFi network. The system provides the performance of a full-size patient monitor, packaged in the size of a patient-worn telemetry device for adult and pediatric patients.

Built-in ACE (Arrhythmia Classification Expert) and pacer detection algorithms enhance ECG processing and reduce false alarms.

TeleSmart addresses the three major challenges of telemetry monitoring. The first is viewing patient information at the bedside. Unlike traditional telemetry, TeleSmart has a color display that shows the patient’s ECG for all monitored leads, heart rate, SpO2, and electrode status. It also shows patient demographics to help confirm the patient’s identification before giving medications, taking blood samples, or performing treatments.

The second telemetry monitoring challenge is hearing and responding to alarms. Infinity TeleSmart has a built-in alarm, which provides alarm alerts while the clinician is at the patient’s side or at the central monitoring station. The color display helps the clinician to assess the alarms and respond accordingly.
The third challenge for telemetry monitoring is managing batteries. Infinity TeleSmart has a built-in rechargeable battery. A bedside charger is used while the patient is in bed or a multi-device charger for central charging.

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