Newly FDA-cleared methods in ventilation monitoring further expand the performance of the Engstrom Carestation ventilator by GE Healthcare.
With SpiroDynamics, tracheal pressure can be monitored regardless of the ventilator setting. The method facilitates compliance measurement at the beginning, middle and end of a breath for better assessment of overdistention, providing a dynostatic curve that better estimates alveolar pressure. This further enhances detection of Intrinsic PEEP and inflection points.
FRC INview provides measurement of FRC without interrupting ventilation, as well as the ability to directly measure the end expiratory lung volume by slightly altering the delivered FiO2 level for short periods of time. Using the volumetric O2 and CO2 measurement capability of the Compact Airway module, the Engstrom Carestation displays the patient’s FRC level through numeric values as well as a graphic curve.
By providing a direct measurement of end expiratory lung volume on mechanically ventilated patients, FRC INview enables cycled, automatic measurement of FRC with no additional gas source required.

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