Technology | April 08, 2008

New LED Surgical Headlights Now Cordless

Enova is releasing its new IRIS Solo 50 and IRIS Solo 100 Cordless Surgical Headlights in May of 2008. The Solo 50 reportedly delivers light output at 50,000 lux, while the Solo 100 generates light output at 100,000 lux, each with a single LED and a single reflector.

Building from Enova’s original Halo 5000 and 6000 lines, the resigned battery pack is now self-contained and recharges in approximately three hours when plugged direction into a wall outlet, according to the company. The battery life has been increased to last from four to eight hours, depending on the intensity setting, said Enova. The lights were designed so that the light’s intensity can be adjusted from 25 percent to 100 percent illumination.

All headlights are reportedly available in the “Free-Style” configuration, which can be completely cordless with batteries attached directly to the headset or powered with a belt pack, or the “Ultra-Lite” configuration, which reportedly weights less than seven ounces with a battery-powered belt pack.