Technology | April 10, 2007

New CPAP Device Responds to Breathing Patterns

Vital Signs Inc.’s Swedish sister company, Breas Medical AB, has received FDA clearance to market a new continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) device, the iSleep 20i.

A high performance, advanced version of a previously cleared Breas CPAP device, iSleep 20i incorporates an enhanced "i-technology" detection algorithm that responds to subtle changes in the patient's breathing patterns, before significant apnea events can occur.

Vital Signs says the technology is based on breathing pattern recognition by a neural network. The treatment can be effective at a reduced mean pressure level compared to conventional CPAP devices — the pressure required by the patient normally varies during sleep and is adjusted accordingly. Most patients prefer lower treatment pressures.

In addition, Vital Signs has signed a letter of intent to acquire Sleep Services of America (SSA), which performs approximately 3,000 sleep studies per year. It is the third company Vital Signs is targeting for possible purchase.