News | August 16, 2007

New Blog Devoted to Helping Senior Cancer Patients

August 17, 2007 - Richard J. Rosenbluth, M. D.’s new blog site,, is dedicated to helping senior adults with cancer and their families cope with the disease.

A pioneer in the emerging field of geriatric oncology, Dr.Rosenbluth is chairman of the Geriatric Oncology Program of the Cancer Center at Hackensack University medical center, and Medical Director of the In-House Hospice Program at HUMC.

Dr. Rosenbluth believes that just as a child would see a pediatrician for medical care, an older patient should go to a geriatrician. "Older patients have unique needs because of their often complex medical histories, numerous drugs they are taking, their social situations, possible problems with cognitive dysfunction related to age, and general diminution of organ function that occurs naturally in the older population," he said.
Dr. Rosenbluth will be using his blog to raise awareness of these issues and give support to seniors and their families who are coping with these difficult circumstances. He will be contributing his ideas and editorials on the blog site weekly, and welcomes the comments and interaction of colleagues, senior adults with cancer and their caregivers.
Every blog post will have an audio "podcast" version so that users with visual impairments can participate.
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