Technology | October 15, 2009

New 2MP Color LCD Monitor Makes its Debut

October 15, 2009 - Eizo Nanao Corp. (EIZO) will unveil the RadiForce RX220, a new 2 megapixel (1200 × 1600 native resolution) color LCD monitor at RSNA 2009.

The RadiForce RX220 succeeds the RadiForce RX211 and utilizes a new IPS (in-plane switching) panel with almost no noticeable color shift when viewing the screen from oblique angles, and offers improvement of maximum brightness from 750 cd/m² to 900 cd/m², and recommended brightness for calibration 300 cd/m² to 400 cd/m². This figure is on a par with monochrome monitors, making the RX220 ideal for displaying both 3D rendering and fusion color images and CT (computed tomography) and MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) monochrome images compliant with the DICOM (Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine) Part 14 standard.

Like all the other RadiForce diagnostic monitors, the grayscale tones for each RadiForce RX220 unit are adjusted at the factory to comply with DICOM Part 14. Furthermore, they are calibration compliant with the DICOM Part 14 to ensure continuing monitor quality control.

The RadiForce RX220 comes with an Image Rotation function which offers hardware-based switching between portrait and landscape mode. This eliminates the need for special software and does not compromise graphics performance. Furthermore, the ScreenManager Pro for Medical utility software includes an Image Rotation Plus function which allows for automatic switching between landscape or portrait modes upon the rotation of the monitor.

The RadiForce RX220 is one of the first monitors from the RadiForce series that comes with DisplayPort next generation connectivity. With a DisplayPort connection, the RadiForce RX220 supports 10-bit input for each RGB color*, displaying more than one billion colors simultaneously. This ensures accurate reproduction of color tones for 3D color rendering and image fusion.

The RadiForce RX220 carries the 2009 version of EIZO’s in-house environmental label – EIZO Eco Products (EEP). Since its inception in 2002, EEP has set strict internal requirements for manufacturing and packaging. EIZO Eco Products 2009 includes new stipulations such as the monitor must not consume any power when turned off, consume less than 1.5 watts in power save mode, and that its eco profile be available on company website.

Additional features include:
- EIZO patented brightness stabilization function quickly stabilizes the brightness level at startup or upon wakeup and compensates for brightness fluctuations caused by the ambient temperature and the passage of time.
- Digital Uniformity Equalizer (DUE) function for optimum brightness uniformity.
- CAL Switch function allows for various calibration modes to be selected from the front panel buttons for different modality images.
- Image Rotation function for hardware-based switching between landscape and portrait mode.
- Backlight saver function reduces power consumption and extends the life of the monitor.
- OSD operation guide displayed in color for easy identification even in dark rooms.
- Compliance with stringent medical, safety, and EMC emissions standards including TÜV/GM, the CE Medical Device Directive, and UL60601-1.
- Recommended brightness level is guaranteed as long as the backlight is within the hours of usage specified in the warranty.
- Five-year warranty.
- RadiCS LE quality control software with self-diagnosis and self-calibration functions included.
- Compatible with EIZO’s quality control software RadiCS and network QC management software RadiNET Pro (sold separately).
- Compatible with EIZO’s remote calibration device Clip-On Swing Sensor (sold separately).
- Various flexible arm-mounts and wall-mount options (sold separately).

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