Technology | November 27, 2008

MRI Monitor Features Wireless ECG, SpO2

Invivo’s next-generation MRI patient vital signs monitor, the Precess Patient Management Configuration, is built off of Invivo’s flagship Precess 3160 platform and reportedly utilizes the industry’s first wireless ECG and wireless SpO2 patient vital signs. The Precess Patient Management configuration helps close the gap between MRI monitors and OR monitors. The monitor features flexible mounting. Now anesthesia providers can have their MRI monitor mounted to their anesthesia machine just like they do in the OR. Mounting the entire MRI monitor to the anesthesia machine provides one common location for the clinician to access their equipment. Clinicians now have better access to the patient by having all lines from the MRI monitor and the anesthesia machine from a single location. In addition to anesthesia mounts for all MRI anesthesia machines, this monitor also can be mounted to a wall or MRI table to help provide more usable room and better patient access in the MRI, a feature designed to enhance workflow.