Technology | February 28, 2007

Motion Stop Technology for Unstable Patients

Tanita offers a versatile line of easy-to-use, accurate handrail and wheelchair scales. These lightweight, portable units allow you to bring your scales wherever your patients reside. Designed for extra stability, Tanita’s model 3101 handrail scale offers ergonomically designed handrails that can accommodate the most unstable patients. Tanita’s remarkable “Motion-Stop” weight sensing technology means that extremely unstable patients, whether obese or suffering from Parkinson’s, will receive consistent and accurate results. The power-conserving display with oversized LDC runs on 6 C-sized batteries (included) that last for at least 25,000 uses.
Standard features include: weight recall, auto-zero, manual and automatic tare feature, pound/kilo switch, adjustable time out feature and field calibration mode.