Technology | September 24, 2008

Mini SAVI Targets Small Lumpectomy Cavities

Cianna Medical's solution the 6-1 Mini version of the SAVI applicator, delivers radiation to the smallest of lumpectomy cavities in breast conservation therapy.

The 6-1 Mini, which is now in clinical use, is the smallest SAVI device in both length and width. The new model is designed to be used with the smallest of lumpectomy cavities. It can treat tight cavities in the upper inner quadrant of the breast, an area that is often too small for balloon brachytherapy devices. The “6-1” in the model’s name refers to the applicator’s array of six peripheral catheters surrounding one central catheter.

SAVI is a single-entry, interstitial-type brachytherapy applicator that delivers radiation as part of breast conservation therapy. This brachytherapy device reportedly can customize the dose according to patient-specific anatomy. By more precisely targeting radiation therapy, SAVI treats the tissue where the cancer is most likely to recur, while minimizing the exposure of healthy tissue such as the skin, heart, lungs and ribs.

According to the manufacturer, SAVI does not have the technical limitations experienced by balloon–based technologies. The open architecture, interstitial-like design of SAVI makes a five-day course of radiation available to twice as many women. Clinical studies have reported that 55 percent of the patients treated with SAVI were not eligible for balloon brachytherapy.

The 6-1Mini is one of several new enhancements made to SAVI being introduced this fall, including greater flexibility for increased patient comfort.