News | October 03, 2007

Microsoft Launches Technology Platform to Collect, Store and Share Health Information with Patients

October 4, 2007 - Joined by nationally recognized medical providers, health-management device manufacturers and patient advocacy organizations, Microsoft Corp. today launched HealthVault, a software and services platform aimed at helping people better manage their health information.
The company outlined its vision for ways HealthVault can bring the health and technology industries together to create new applications, services and connected devices to help people manage and monitor their personal health information, including weight loss and disease management, such as for diabetes.
“People are concerned to find themselves at the center of the healthcare ecosystem today because they must navigate a complex web of disconnected interactions between providers, hospitals, insurance companies and even government agencies,” said Peter Neupert, corporate vice president of the Health Solutions Group at Microsoft. “Our focus is simple: to empower people to lead healthy lives. The launch of HealthVault makes it possible for people to collect their private health information on their terms and for companies across the health industry to deliver compatible tools and services built on the HealthVault platform.”
Microsoft also announced the availability of HealthVault Search, a new vertical health search tool designed to work with the platform. Integrated with Live Search and accessible on the HealthVault Web site, this specialized health search engine organizes the most relevant online health content. The company says it allows people to refine searches faster and with more accuracy, and eventually connect them with HealthVault-compatible solutions.
Created in cooperation with leading privacy advocates, security experts and dozens of the world’s leading healthcare organizations, the company says HealthVault is designed and built to enhance privacy while providing people with the control they expect and require.
“Microsoft is the first major technology company to engage with the bipartisan Coalition for Patient Privacy in a serious way,” said Dr. Deborah Peel, founder of the Patient Privacy Rights Foundation. “The privacy protections built into HealthVault reflect the privacy principles of the Coalition. HealthVault prohibits onward transfer of data without explicit informed consent; its contractual obligations with advertisers require protection of any data transferred from the platform; its privacy policy is simple and easy to understand. That means consumers finally have a trusted place to store their personal health information that will not be data-mined, because they alone control it. “
There are more than 40 applications and devices available on the HealthVault platform now or in the near future from the following organizations: ActiveHealth Management; Allscripts; American Diabetes Association; American Heart Association and American Stroke Association; American Lung Association; Aperion Companies; CapMed, a division of Bio-Imaging Technologies Inc.; Claricode; Diabetes Prevention Source (DPS);; Eclipsys Corp.; HealthCentral Network Inc.; HealthMedia Inc.; Healthphone Solutions Ltd.; Healthways; Healthy Circles LLC; Home Diagnostics Inc.; iMedica Corp.; Kryptiq Corp.; LifeScan Inc., a Johnson & Johnson company; LiveHealthier; Matria Healthcare Inc.; Medem Inc.; MedHelp; Medical Informatics Engineering (MIE); Medifast Inc.; MEDSEEK; Medstar Health; Microlife USA Inc.; NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital; NexCura, a Thomson Healthcare Business; NextGen Healthcare Information Systems Inc.;; OMRON Healthcare Inc.; Peaksware LLC; Physicians Wellness Network; Podfitness; Polar; PureWellness; Sound Health Solutions Inc.; StayWell, a MediMedia company; Texas Instruments Inc.; US Wellness Inc.; Vital Data Technology; Whole Health Management; and WorldDoc Inc.
Developers interested in building their own HealthVault-based solutions can download the HealthVault software development kit at The HealthVault platform is available to people for free at

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