News | July 18, 2007

Mediware BloodSafe Extends Blood Safety to the Bedside

July 19, 2007 — Mediware Information Systems has introduced its new BloodSafe system, a 510(k)-cleared, bedside point-of-care, transfusion administration package designed to extend blood-safety controls outside the blood bank.

It consists of remote release refrigerators that make units immediately and safely available throughout the hospital and powerful handheld devices to verify blood units transfused in surgery or at the bedside. Mediware is offering the BloodSafe system in North America either as a stand-alone solution or as a fully integrated component of the company's market-leading transfusion-management system, HCLL.

"Three of four adverse blood events are a result of activities performed outside the four walls of the blood bank," said John Damgaard, Mediware's Senior Vice President and Chief Operating Officer. "With the addition of our BloodSafe system, healthcare institutions have powerful new tools to seamlessly extend the blood bank's discipline and process control to the point of care. The result is true closed-loop blood management including remote electronic blood allocation and dispensing, positive patient ID at the bedside and a complete electronic transfusion administration record."

According to Damgaard, the combination of the HCLL software and the BloodSafe system will enable top-tier institutions to drive higher levels of safety and efficiency in their blood management practices.

The BloodSafe system reportedly provides intelligent storage, allocation and release capabilities with bedside point-of-care verification. When operated in conjunction with Mediware's HCLL Transfusion software, centralized and distributed transfusion service environments will benefit from the tightly integrated package that enables true closed-loop blood management. This new generation of automated tools offered with Mediware's BloodSafe system will help reduce transfusion errors, improve patient safety and maximize operational efficiencies across the healthcare enterprise. Mediware's BloodSafe system will be available as a complementary technology for use with third-party transfusion management systems.

BloodSafe incorporates proven blood tracking, remote blood issue and bedside transfusion safety technology from Neoteric Technology Ltd., makers of BloodTrack.

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