News | March 13, 2008

Medegen Introduces MaxPlus Clear, Positive Displacement Connector for Infusion Therapy

March 14, 2008 - Maximus, a business unit of the infusion therapy firm Medegen Inc., this week introduced its MaxPlus Clear positive displacement connector, which provides complete visualization of the fluid path as a reminder to perform priming, disinfection and flushing to help reduce bloodstream infections and occlusions in patients receiving infusion therapy.

Maximus claims it is the only medical device manufacturer to currently offer a clear positive displacement connector.

The MaxPlus Clear is an enhancement of the MaxPlus, the company’s leading positive displacement connector, adding a clear housing. It features Medegen’s positive displacement technology, which provides a bolus of fluid to clear the catheter tip upon disconnection from the device. It also features Medegen’s patented Tru-Swab top, which acts as a double sealed barrier to contamination and allows for disinfection during pre-access swabbing.

The manufacturer says MaxPlus Clear answers the need of medical practitioners in several ways, including complete visualization of the fluid path during priming and flushing of the device; promoting an occlusion and contaminate free line; promotes compliance with best practices and aseptic techniques; promotes the use of saline flush and lock vs. heparin; and it allows for complete flushing.

The company says these benefits can help reduce bloodstream infections, occlusions, heparin usage, false positive blood cultures, nursing time, and the costs associated with these issues.

MaxPlusClear is now available in the U.S. MaxPlus Clear will be sold and distributed through Maximus.

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