June 7, 2007 - Immersion Medical has introduced the LaparoscopyVR Surgical Simulation System, the first laparoscopy surgical simulator designed as a complete system with tightly integrated TouchSense-enabled haptic hardware and software.

The LapVR system comes in a self-contained cart and provides an effective and convenient tool to assist in training of minimally invasive laparoscopic procedures. Experts believe the trend in high-volume laparoscopic surgeries will continue and according to the company, the LapVR surgical simulator supplies a safe and effective training platform to help acquire the skills needed to perform these surgeries.

"The LapVR surgical simulator has been developed as a tool for teaching the basic and advanced laparoscopic skills that enable successful completion of complex laparoscopic procedures," said Dr. Andrew J. Duffy, assistant professor of Surgery at Yale University School of Medicine. "Simulation training is now an essential component of the education curriculum in many training centers and augments direct instruction from the attending physician.”

The base laparoscopy surgical simulator includes an Essential Skills module with 15 skill exercises, a Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy (LapChole) module with 18 cases and an Administration module. The Essential Skills module includes unique exercises for developing camera navigation, cutting, clipping, adhesiolysis, and hand transfer skills. The LapChole module provides a simulated environment for removal of the gall bladder, one of the most common types of laparoscopic surgeries in the U.S.

The LapVR surgical simulator provides physics-based simulation that responds to user actions, supported by Immersion Medical's TouchSense technology’s realistic graphical movement of tissue and organs and realistic forces felt through the trocar arms and handles. The surgical simulation system comes with widely viewable monitor suitable for team training, virtual camera and tools, and modules packaged in an ergonomic, height-adjustable, wheeled cart. It also includes a curriculum that follows industry-training standards, providing key material needed to administer effective training programs for both individuals and teams. Institutions can also import their own didactic video content directly into the simulator for customized training.

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