Technology | October 22, 2008

Laitek Introduces Advanced Data Migration Service

Laitek's Migratek v. 2 Advanced Migration Services delivers a reportedly rapid, accurate and affordable migration of archived DICOM and related imaging data.

Version 2 extends Laitek’s rapid migration technology to shorten further migration timelines and provide better services during system transitions, transferring data from a legacy PACS archive to the new image management system at speeds five to ten times faster than competing solutions. Migratek Version 2 streamlines setup and validation project components and provides transparent user access to data in the process of migration. At the same time, the advanced Migratek offering will support ongoing clinical workflow with no slowdown throughout the entire data migration process and the transition from one PACS application to another.

The Migratek solution reads, processes and transmits medical imaging data directly from the legacy system database and storage media to the new PACS archive, in contrast with conventional migration processes that involve far more time-consuming data querying and exporting from the PACS DICOM interface. As information is extracted from the existing PACS archive, any proprietary formatting is eliminated and the data is transformed into standard DICOM 3.0 information.

Supported by a host of advanced new IT features, the next-generation Migratek v. 2 tool kit provides a virtual DICOM archive during the data migration process. That archive unifies ongoing access to data, wherever located, through a single DICOM Query/Retrieve interface. It also assures that during the migration process, data will be updated with all changes made during the course of normal business. The result is immediate availability of up-to-the-minute patient imaging data for daily department workflow as the migration progresses.