Technology | April 10, 2008

Kimberly-Clark Offers KIMVENT 24 Hour Oral Care Kit

Kimberly-Clark Health Care recently launched its KIMVENT 24-Hour Oral Care Kit, a systematic and flexible oral care system developed to assist caregivers in meeting the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s recommendations for an oral hygiene program for patients at risk for ventilator-associated pneumonia (VAP).

For ventilator-dependent patients, research shows proper oral care is critical in the prevention of VAP, however, it is a step that is often overlooked. The newly launched system was designed by nurses for nurses to address the challenges associated with oral care. The KIMVENT 24-Hour Oral Care Kit has a convenient and portable design as well as ergonomic and user-friendly tools, the company said.

The kit can be kept at the patient’s bedside and includes the following features:
- No-leak, easy-peel procedure packs that serve as a workstation and include everything needed to clean, debride, suction and moisturize the oral cavity
- A self-cleaning, covered Yankauer that has a high-flow tip with multiple holes to quickly and effectively remove secretions and a rigid, clear, curved shaft that makes the oral cavity more visible and easy to maneuver
- Portable, no-mess, cups that contain extra cleaning solution
- Flexible suction toothbrush that has soft bristles to remove dental plaque, debris and secretions
- Suction swabs that have an angled tip design, providing easy access to surfaces,
and a soft sponge tip that stimulates, cleans and freshens the mouth
- Pliable suction catheter that helps remove oral secretions
- Clear mouth moisturizer that contains aloe vera gel

The Yankauer features a self-cleaning mechanism and cover. Traditional Yankauers are often stored in a plastic cover or bag, where they can remain wet and covered in secretions. The KIMVENT Yankauer has a self-cleaning mechanism that uses Kimberly-Clark’s patent-pending “peep-seal” technology to “squeegee” secretions and debris from the shaft after suctioning, leaving the Yankauer drier and cleaner between uses.

Kimberly-Clark’s other VAP-prevention products in its product bundle include its market leading BALLARD TRACH CARE Closed Suction Systems for suctioning secretions from the airway without disconnecting the ventilator circuit; MICROCUFF Endotracheal Tube to reduce the leakage of potentially infectious secretions into the lungs; and BAL-CATH System, a simple, effective bedside bronchoalveolar lavage for improved diagnostic yield.

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