Technology | November 04, 2008

IQQA-Liver Provides Toolset for Fast Assessment

The IQQA-Liver Enterprise provides a toolset for physician’s fast real-time assessment of volumetry of liver, liver lobes & segments, hepatic lesions and vascular structures from MDCT.

This efficient workflow of intuitive volumetric evaluation is powered by the integration of automatic computer analysis and the real-time interactive 2D/3D editing capabilities for users. The system performs automatic anatomic phase registration to allow simultaneous visualization and easy cross-referencing of lesion location and characteristics across the different phases.

IQQA-Liver further provides automated segmentation tools and additional multiple real-time interactive tools for the segmentation and refinement of liver, vessels, lesions, liver lobes and segments. Quantitative measurements are extracted from segmented and labeled volumes instantly.

IQQA-Liver Enterprise is available to work on hospital’s existing PACS workstations without code level or API integration.