Technology | February 26, 2007

IO Infusion Device Just FDA-Cleared for Access in Distal Tibia

The EZ-IO by Vidacare, recently FDA-cleared for access in the distal tibia for both adult and pediatric patients, provides an immediate method of accessing the circulation through the intraosseous (IO) route, a technique that is being used by an increasing number of emergency care personnel for resuscitation and stabilization. IO infusion accesses the central circulation through blood vessels within the bone marrow that are held open by a rigid, non-collapsible bony wall.

Medications administered through the IO route reach the central circulation in about one second, equivalent to the central venous route. Recently published guidelines issued by the American Heart Association recommend that IO be used as a first alternative to peripheral IVs in cardiac arrest.

Distal tibia IO capability provides an EZ-IO insertion site just above the inside of the ankle. This is an especially important area of the body for gaining access to morbidly obese patients. The distal tibia is usually a "thinner" area of the body and will assist emergency medical service (EMS) personnel trying to establish vascular access in these patients when time is critical.