News | July 10, 2007

InterHospital Physician Association Implements Kryptiq’s Connect IQ Secure Messaging

July 11, 2007 — Kryptiq Corp. recently announced that InterHospital Physicians Association (Portland IPA) has selected Kryptiq’s Connect IQ Secure Messaging to connect providers across the Portland, Oregon, metropolitan area.

Kryptiq’s Connect IQ serves as a vendor neutral platform enabling Portland IPA providers to securely share patient information for improved coordination of care.

Kryptiq’s Connect IQ provides a secure communication network that enables an entire medical community to share patient information. It allows providers to collaborate electronically and establish a common framework to connect both EMRs and paper-based organizations.

This approach reportedly maximizes the value of existing investments in health information and connectivity technologies across the community.

With this solution, the Portland IPA will support collaboration among its members so that patient information may be shared securely and electronically across physician systems where it is needed, improving clinical and economic performance.

The Portland IPA serves over 2,200 physicians at more than 500 practices across the healthcare community in Portland, Oregon. It strives to create a connected community of diverse clinicians with collaborative relationships to improve the population’s health. Portland IPA member physicians have developed excellent reputations for delivering superior services within all specialty areas.

Kryptiq’s technology allows patient information to be shared across the variety of information systems used by providers in the Portland community, including solutions from eClinicalWorks, GE Healthcare, Sage Software, and others.

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