The cobas 6000 analyzer series provides laboratories with an integrated clinical chemistry (cobas c 501 analyzer) and immunoassay (cobas e 601 analyzer) testing platform as well as a small footprint and an easy-to-use interface.
The system delivers approximately 95 percent of a lab's typical testing mix of more than 130 assays, including substrates, enzymes, electrolytes, therapy drug monitoring, drugs of abuse testing, proteins, cardiac markers, thyroid, tumor markers, bone markers, fertility, anemia, diabetes and proteins.
The integrated, broad menu streamlines workflow processes and efficiency, running a throughput of up to 1,170 tests per hour including a STAT interruption mode, which prioritizes STAT racks to be sampled within 60 seconds. The cobas 6000 analyzer series can accommodate front-end automation with the MODULAR PRE-ANALYTICS system, eliminating off-line sample preparation and reducing the potential for human error.
Also available is Middleware Solutions, connecting existing laboratory information systems (LIS) to the cobas 6000 analyzer series.

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