Technology | December 04, 2006

Infusion System Combines Ease of Use, Reliability, Latest Technology

Winner of the 2006 User-Centered Product Design Award, the Symbiq infusion system combines ease of use, reliability and next-generation technology.
Symbiq includes patient-safety software already integrated into the device, intuitive LCD display that’s similar to an ATM screen, easy-to-read display with large font and color prompts, a quick-release pole clamp and an automatic medication-loading slot that allows easy and time-saving insertion of the medication administration set.
The HFES User-Centered Product Design Award recognizes innovative and user-centered approaches to human-factors design. A panel of judges selected Symbiq based on an evaluation of functional obviousness, ease of operation and creativity. They also assessed the use of appropriate evaluation methods and user-research criteria during concept development and design.