Sorenson Medical’s new ambIT PreSet ambulatory infusion pump for management of postoperative pain simplifies pump programming by allowing the physician to select from four preset infusion protocols for delivery of local anesthetic directly to the patient's surgical site. The ambIT PreSet, when used to infuse local anesthetic through a catheter to the wound site, is indicated to reduce pain better than narcotic therapy alone.
The electronic pain pump is on the leading edge of a trend toward lightweight, portable infusion devices that reduce the threat of side effects and addiction from narcotic drugs while enabling patients to go about their normal lives as they receive pain treatment. Ambulatory pain pumps also allow patients to remain mobile after surgery and to recover comfortably at home, avoiding the risk of hospital-acquired infections and prolonged hospitalization.
 ambIT PreSet pumps are about the size of a TV remote, are housed in a belt pack and run on two AA batteries.

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