Technology | May 23, 2006

The latest version of Per-Se Technologies’ enterprise-wide patient scheduling and perioperative information system offers new features that enable facilities to better manage the OR.

ORSOS One-Call 10.2 arranges services and resources throughout the healthcare delivery system, no matter where the request begins or when service is to be delivered. The 10.2 release includes a new Executive Dashboard and two new SmartRules tools: Block Builder and Preference Card Validation Reports. The Executive Dashboard is a Web-based expansion module that uses Business Objects to provide hospital executives with a single view of critical business information. The roles-based dashboard displays matrices, indicators and alerts in a uniform fashion providing key stakeholders with the ability to drill down for organizational analysis.

The product’s new SmartRules Block Builder is a redesigned tool for the assignment, release and overall management of surgical blocks. ORSOS One-Call 10.2 also includes two new Preference Card Validation Reports. These reports help hospitals identify inventory items that are frequently listed on preference cards but not used on cases, as well as items that are used in cases but not listed on the preference card.

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