Technology | November 27, 2008

IMIX Americas Software Integrates CR, CCD, Flat Panel Components

IMIX Americas has a new workstation software with an enhanced user interface that delivers improved workflow and productivity. The new software supports the first integration of CCD, CR and flat panel components. Designed for all IMIX Americas’ DR products, the software offers intuitive graphical workflow from patient entry through exam planning and image analysis. With integrated generator and detector control, the software features touch-screen operation, professional image viewer, multi-media exam positioning guide, integrated HIS/RIS communication, and CR reader control. It also includes comprehensive measurement packages and DICOM 3.0 work list query, store and send functions, as well as the ability to record macros for frequently repeated exams. The software also features several upgrade options designed to further increase workflow and efficiency, including an image stitching module, support for a second monitor, DICOM 3.0 retrieve and print capability and distribution of images on a patient disc.