Technology | October 28, 2008

Imaging Center RIS Adds Build-in DVD Printer

Integrated Modular Systems Inc. (IMSI), a RIS and PACS system integrator, offers the imsiVIEW.RIS available for installation at imaging centers and clinics, along with the full imsimed product line of PACS components on a workstation with a built-in DVD printer.

Scheduling, structured reporting, billing, film digitizing, CD/DVD media production, 3D viewing, orthopedic templating, dual-monitor high-resolution viewing, DICOM mail, store, query/retrieve, modality worklist, are all provided in a fully integrated system configuration.

imsiRIS.X2 is a hosted radiology information system which duplicates the local database at a remote, secure site providing a portal with controlled distribution of images with reports, and HIPAA compliant archiving, business continuity, and disaster recovery “all over the Web.”