Technology | February 28, 2007

The TRUMPF iLED uses 184 white and color LEDs to provide 160,000 Lux of low heat, virtually shadow-free illumination. One of its most unique features is that it gives the surgical team — for the first time ever — the ability to change color temperature.
Bathed in warm, nonglare light (about 3,500 Kelvin), skin and light tissue parts reflect less and the contrast remains intact. Colder light colors (up to 5,000 Kelvin), however, were preferred in tests for deeper lying body areas and for longer surgeries.
Current studies prove that color temperature influences the ability to concentrate, which can be a significant benefit during longer procedures. One reason for this is that when the eyes get tired and the concentration lapses, cold or blue color tones are perceived as a relief. Either way, the surgical team, working on shorter outpatient procedures or longer surgeries, has its choice.
TRUMPF Medical Systems

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