Technology | May 13, 2009

Hitachi Releases 21-Inch TFT Display with Wide Viewing Angles, FOV

May 12, 2009 - Hitachi Europe Ltd., Display Products Group (DPG), has introduced a new 21.3-inch 1.9 megapixel UXGA TFT display module for diagnostic medical imaging applications, such as ultrasound and computed tomography (CT) scanning systems.

The new TX54D13VC0CAA display implements the latest evolution of Hitachi’s in-plane-switching technology, IPS-Pro, which provides a stable colour image from any viewing angle, excellent colour saturation and a very high contrast ratio.

Demand for wide viewing angle and wide field of vision displays has increased in high performance monitoring equipment. Diagnostic medical imaging applications such as ultrasound and computed tomography (CT) scanning systems require highly consistent optical performance and accurate image reproduction. Contrast and colour characteristics must be maintained over a wide range of viewing angles/positions.

When viewed from an acute angle, a conventional TFT display will exhibit a loss of brightness and display image colors become inverted. In certain applications this performance limitation is not critical, such as a laptop PC where the user is situated perpendicular to the TFT display. In medical diagnostic imaging systems, however, the image viewed by one doctor or consultant could be different to the representation seen by a second viewing consultant in an alternative viewing position. Hitachi’s IPS-Pro TFT technology overcomes the limitations of conventional TFT display technology.

The new display module joins Hitachi’s existing 17" SXGA and 19" WSXGA+ IPS-Pro TFT displays that are targeted at high performance medical applications. “Customers in professional markets can benefit from the high contrast and wide viewing angles achieved by IPS-Pro technology. For applications where absolute image quality is paramount these displays deliver unparalleled performance,” says Steve Donohoe, Technical Manager for Hitachi Display Products Group.

The superior performance of IPS-Pro technology also enables the 17inch, 19inch and 21.3inch displays to be used in a wide range of high-end, multi-viewer applications which demand high optical performance. All models are ideally suited for use in public information displays, security surveillance, video monitoring and many other high-end industrial applications.

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