Technology | February 26, 2007

Hemoglobin, Red-Colored Oxygenated Moleculates Identified

The In Vivo Optical Spectroscopy (INVOS) System identifies hemoglobin and red-colored oxygenated hemoglobin molecules within red blood cells and measures the relative amounts of each to determine whether or not there is adequate oxygenation.

Since brain cells and organ tissues die within minutes without proper oxygenation, measurement of this color provides potentially life-saving or life-changing information. When its regional oxygen saturation (rSO2) value shows a change in blood oxygenation toward or beyond threshold levels, the care team can intervene to potentially lessen or prevent complications.

The INVOS Cerebral/Somatic Oximeter is the only FDA-cleared noninvasive oximeter to simultaneously monitor changes in regional blood oxygen saturation in the brain and body. It may be used for cerebral oximetry, somatic oximetry or both simultaneously.