The EC1730bl is a dual-chambered warming cabinet with independent touch keypad controls. The upper fluid compartment holds up to 30 liters and can be set to warm either irrigation or injection fluids. Temperature range for injection fluids is 95 to 110 degrees Fahrenheit, while the range for irrigation fluid is 95 to 150 F. The lower blanket chamber has a capacity of 11.875 cubic feet. The blanket chamber temperature can be set as high as 200 F – up to 50 degrees warmer than most other warmers – keeping blankets warmer longer.
A pass-through option has been added to both compartments. A unique feature for the fluid chamber is a metal basket that pulls out from both sides. With window doors on both sides of the unit, warmers can be built through a wall and are ideal in situations where available space is at a premium.
Glass doors for inventory at-a-glance, locking casters, rugged hinges and latches as well as heavy-duty stainless steel construction keep the warmers up and running.

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