October 18, 2007 - Healthcare product maker Hatch recently launched its Hatch Edema Control Gloves to help reduce swelling and hypertrophic scarring caused by burns and traumatic injuries.
The company said the gloves can also be used for compression and protection against bruises, can be worn by patients with arthritis, and be used as a cast liner.
The Hatch Edema Control Gloves are made of medical-grade LYCRA to provide gentle compression that equalizes pressure when worn and is soft on the hands. In addition, the seams on the Hatch Edema Control Gloves are sewn on the outside of the glove rather than the inside to make this glove more comfortable and increase wearability for the end-user.
The gloves are available in six different models with three-quarter finger over-the-wrist, full-finger over-the-wrist, full-finger wrist length, full-finger forearm length, full-finger shoulder length, and three-quarter finger shoulder length. The gloves come in sizes extra small to large.

For more information: www.hatch-corp.comor

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