News | March 12, 2008

Harborview Medical Center Implements DocuSys to Improve Medication Safety, Documentation

March 13, 2008 - Anesthesia information management system (AIMS) and medication management system provider DocuSys Inc. said Harborview Medical Center in Seattle, WA went live this week on DocuSys’ anesthesia solutions, automating the documentation of anesthesia care and enhancing the medication management processes in its surgical environment.

In support of its designation as a “Patient Safety Mentor Hospital” for other hospitals in the state of Washington, Harborview Medical Center chose to implement DocuSys’ advanced medication safety solution including DocuJect, a point-of-care intravenous drug monitoring device, in addition to its AIMS application. DocuJect utilizes digital imaging and bar code scanning to proactively alert the clinician to potential adverse drug reactions. DocuSys says its medication safety solutions are focused on enabling healthcare organizations to implement the recommendations outlined in last year’s U.S. Pharmacopeia MEDMARX Data Report to reduce perioperative medication error rates.

“We are committed to delivering the safest, most comprehensive anesthesia care to each of our patients, and the addition of the DocuSys solutions enables Harborview Medical Center to more effectively meet this objective,” said Dr. Michael Souter, associate professor of anesthesiology, neurocritical care, at Harborview Medical Center and anesthesiology project lead. “Having DocuSys share the anesthesiology record electronically with our electronic medical record system enables Harborview Medical Center to ensure continuity of care.”

The ability to share clinical information among clinical system vendors has become a more important requirement over the past few years as healthcare organizations have made decisions to select a best-of-breed solution for key areas like anesthesiology.

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