News | December 03, 2007

Global Med Adds Wyoming Hospital to Customer Base

December 4, 2007 - Global Med Technologies Inc. an international e-Health, medical information technology company, said yesterday its Wyndgate Technologies division has signed an agreement to license its transfusion management system SafeTrace Tx to Sheridan Memorial Hospital, of Sheridan, WY.

“Patient safety and confidence in the product were the top reasons for choosing Wyndgate,” said Gary Sellenrick, MT(ASCP), laboratory manager for Sheridan Memorial Hospital. “The inventory tracking features in SafeTrace Tx will allow Sheridan to utilize computer systems to help reduce errors in the lab as well as accurately track blood distribution throughout our facility. We were also looking for a stand-alone system that would interface with our Orchard LIS. We decided on SafeTrace Tx early in the process because of Wyndgate’s experience in converting paper records to an automated system as well as their prior success interfacing with Orchard systems.”

Sheridan Memorial Hospital is upgrading its blood bank from paper records to an automated system in conjunction with an initiative to increase patient safety. The organization has also purchased a laboratory information system (LIS) developed by Orchard in order to take advantage of new technologies and features, which promote efficiency and patient safety. The SafeTrace Tx system will communicate with Sheridan’s new LIS to allow the blood bank and other departments throughout the hospital to share patient information quickly and easily.

The company says SafeTrace Tx is designed to support the full scale of transfusion services from enterprise-wide centralized facilities to small, individual hospital laboratories. Advanced functionality in SafeTrace Tx, such as electronic crossmatch, automated patient special needs tracking and antigen/antibody functionality, will assist Sheridan in matching patients for transfusions.

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