Technology | December 02, 2010

General Emergency Contact Tool Added to Critical Test Results Management

December 2, 2010 – A new general emergency contacting module has been added to a critical results test management tool. UrgentWorks, by Brit Systems, is now part of the UrgentCall tool and allows users to type general messages for delivery as per their emergency contacting rules.

It lets authorized users type in a message, select groups of users for delivery, specify delivery time periods, number of attempts and if acknowledgements are required. Monitoring tools allow the user to see the results of the messaging.

“As we were developing UrgentWorks, it quickly became apparent that the bulk of the work in making the system operational was entering the contact information into the system and having the users keep their contract information up-to-date,” said Shelly Fisher, president of Brit Systems. “Users don’t want to do this for multiple systems, so it was important to make the solution extensible so it could support all of the emergency messaging requirements for a site.”

As with the other UrgentWorks tools, the user can set up multiple contact options and designate someone to receive their messages as a backup. Messaging capabilities are via the phone, iPad, text, e-mail, paging and fax. Users who access the server via a browser for other clinical purposes, such as viewing images and reports, can also view and acknowledge emergency messages directly on the browser.

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