News | May 27, 2007

GE Debuts Newly Cleared CARESCAPE for Mobile Monitoring

May 29, 2007 — GE Healthcare has announced the FDA has cleared its CARESCAPE Patient Data Module for mobile patient monitoring.

Encompassing some of the industry’s most advanced monitoring capabilities, the CARESCAPE Patient Data Module features 24-hour capture of critical patient data and a unique close-to-the-patient, self-powered design that alleviates common portability constraints.

The product is a central component of the new GE CARESCAPE portfolio, an integrated suite of patient monitoring devices, communications networks and IT systems designed to transform traditional patient monitoring data into clinical intelligence, enabling clinicians to make critical healthcare decisions faster and more efficiently.

CARESCAPE Patient Data Module ensures that the receiving nurse has a complete monitoring history when a patient arrives. Advancing GE's history of parameter excellence and the customer-proven success of the predecessor product, TRAM, CARESCAPE Patient Data Module reflects more than 10,000 hours of testing and feedback from more than 700 clinicians.

Its innovative, lightweight, miniature design allows it to stay with the patient to capture and store all patient measurements — both standard and specialty — providing clinicians with the unique ability to maintain critical baseline measurements typically lost during transport. Its close-to-the-patient design reduces the length of cables that typically tether the patient to wall-mounted equipment, and its simple grab-and-go transport capability reduces the potential for connection delays.

"Humans can only assimilate so much un-integrated information. The power of systems — whether it's a physiologic monitor or IT system or ideally a system that combines those functions — is to integrate the information and then use it optimally," said M. Michael Shabot, M.D., director of Surgery Critical Care, Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles, California (2006). "That's where the real power comes from. It is the way quality and safety will be measured, and the way data will be managed in ICUs in the future."

In addition to CARESCAPE Patient Data Module, the CARESCAPE portfolio includes:

CARESCAPE CIC Pro: assimilates real-time and historical patient data from multiple monitoring sources for caregivers. This product integrates data to view a single patient, or up to 16 patients per display. Clinicians can view near real-time parameters, manage patient information and view a one-hour trending of parameters to make informed treatment decisions. CARESCAPE CIC Pro also enables access to any patient on the hospital network and to hospital-wide applications such as radiology or lab results to help improve productivity.

CARESCAPE iPanel: aggregates data from multiple systems and devices into a Web-based portal that provides efficient access to care-critical information. Using a tablet PC or other workstation, clinicians can view lab results, cardiology information, diagnostic images, history and physical documentation and other details. CARESCAPE iPanel automatically identifies the correct patient's data from across the enterprise, without requiring separate logins to various applications, helping clinicians save time and improve accuracy.

CARESCAPE Enterprise Access: a single, integrated wireless platform that enables critical patient data to be securely coordinated, managed and distributed without the type of communications failures, interference or interruptions that can be caused by un-integrated systems. CARESCAPE Enterprise Access transparently incorporates new systems and services without the need to install parallel, standalone IT infrastructures.

CARESCAPE Mobile Viewers: offer clinicians remote access to up-to-the-moment waveforms, numerics, visual alarms and trends for one or multiple patients. Clinicians can closely monitor a patient's condition from almost anywhere within or outside the hospital using Web-enabled PCs, wireless laptops, tablet PCs and or cell phones.

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