News | June 27, 2007

Fujifilm Reduces Greenhouse Gas Emissions

June 28, 2007 - Fujifilm recently announced that its primary U.S. manufacturing complex, located in Greenwood, SC, will begin using methane gas from a local community landfill to power approximately 40 percent of the facility's operations.

Through an arrangement with Greenwood County and Methane Credit, LLC, methane gas will be extracted from the landfill and piped into the Fujifilm complex, where it will then be used in two of the facility's four boilers. The facility will use approximately 197 billion BTUs of methane-generated energy from the landfill per year, the equivalent of the amount of energy used to heat more than 5,000 homes each year.

By using the methane as energy Fujifilm is preventing methane emissions, which are more than twenty times more damaging to the ozone than carbon dioxide, from being released into the atmosphere from the landfill. The amount of carbon dioxide-equivalent emissions avoided by this Fujifilm effort would be similar to that generated by 208,000 barrels of oil each year, or the equivalent of the emissions from more than 17,000 vehicles each year.

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