Technology | November 02, 2008

Franklin and Seidelmann Offers Final Nighttime, ED

Franklin and Seidelmann Subspecialty Radiology, a full-service teleradiology provider, offers final reports 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It now also provides Final Nighttime/ED (emergency department) interpretations is a new service designed to benefit a radiology groups by using a final reports teleradiology provider for nighttime coverage.

These services include:
- Recover costs spent on nighttime teleradiology coverage by billing the final report.

- Eliminate next day over reads and use this extra capacity to interpret and bill more final reports.

- Augment staffing strategies by utilizing a subspecialty teleradiology final reports service to provide the appropriate type of radiology coverage as needed day or night until a full-time radiologist is required, or for high quality overflow and vacation coverage.

- Increase radiologist productivity and improve workload balance.