Technology | October 07, 2008

Fovia to Demonstrate HD Volume Rendering Functionality

Fovia Medical will demonstrate native support for integration of embedded polygon objects within volumetric datasets without requiring developers to write OpenGL or DirectX code.

Fovia will also announce development support for all of the .NET family of languages including C#. High Definition Volume Rendering demonstrations will take place at RSNA.

High Definition Volume Rendering (HDVR) solution reportedly overcomes the many limitations of currently available imaging technologies, enabling physicians to take full advantage of 3D imaging as part of everyday patient care. Selected features and benefits of Fovia’s proprietary solution include:
- On-the-fly, interactive deep supersampling with off-the-shelf hardware

_- Software-only solution that is faster than specialized hardware (ASIC) and video card-based approaches

_- Interactive rendering of large datasets without data down/subsampling

_- Non-compromised remote rendering over the internet or wireless networks

_Interactive rendering without preprocessing

- Scalability with more users, larger datasets, bigger rendering planes, multiple CPUs and clustering

- On-the-fly modification of all rendering settings

_- Instant segmentation

- Multi-classification support

- Native support for embedded polygonal objects

- Selected per tissue lighting control via extended transfer functions

_- On-the-fly auto-navigation for fly-through

_- Subvoxel precision for 3D measurement

- Compatibility with Windows/Macintosh/Linux platforms
Fovia has designed its HDVR software engine to be integrated into various original equipment manufacturers’ offerings, therefore allowing PACS companies, imaging modality manufacturers and other medical imaging OEMs to easily, quickly and cost-effectively integrate a best-of-breed 3D solution.