March 27, 2007 - Aurora Breast Imaging recently announced the installation of the first and only dedicated breast MRI system in the state of California, its 1.5T Dedicated Breast Magnetic Resonance Imaging System (MRI) with Bilateral UltraRODEO, at Aurora Breast MRI of Orange County, located within the University of Irvine Medical Center campus.

The Aurora MRI is a non-invasive method which renders the inside image of the breast without exposing the patient to any radiation. The breast MRI system provides a three-dimensional composite model of the breast, enabling physicians to diagnose cancer earlier and more accurately. Aurora�s breast MRI technology detects tumors that are not typically identified by mammograms, especially those found in denser breasts of younger women or, in some cases, tumors which develop in high-risk women or those with a strong family history of the disease.

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