News | May 14, 2007

FDA Clears New Lithotripter with Integrated C-Arm

May 15, 2007 - HealthTronics, Inc., a provider of urology services and products, announced the FDA clearance and the launch of its LithoDiamond ULTRA lithotripter with an integrated iso-centric C-arm and image chain, which visualizes stones in the kidney and ureter.

The LithoDiamond ULTRA has five clinical features that reportedly define it as a technologically and clinically advanced lithotripter. These features include:
* Integrated iso-centric C-arm and image chain, which provides optimal image quality to visualize stones in the kidney and ureter
* "Source Select" technology, which provides both electrohydraulic, or "spark gap" therapy delivery, as well as electromagnetic therapy delivery (the capability of two units in one, providing enhanced treatment options)
* Rotating therapy head that provides unencumbered access to both sides of the patient for treating kidney and lower ureteral stones in either the supine or prone position
* Mobile platform consisting of only two components for excellent portability and productivity
* Table functionality that allows for cysto, prostate and other surgical procedures