News | June 10, 2007

Ethicon Endo-Surgery Introduces New MR Breast Biopsy Device

June 11, 2007 – The newly launched Universal Mammotome MR Biopsy System from Ethicon Endo-Surgery is compatible with wider range of breast coils and magnets and can work with most grid/cube location systems, the most common method of MR lesion targeting.
The Mammotome MR Universal Targeting Set is designed for fast and easy set up, can be used with most grid localization systems and its imageable aperture allows physicians to visually verify the placement of the probe relative to the targeted lesions.
The Mammotome MR Universal’s depth locking system — the “Z-lock” — provides stability and maintains consistent depth during sampling the company reports. Multiple needle lengths and probe sizes allow for maximum breast access and rapid tissue acquisition based on individual patient/lesion characteristics. Anesthesia can be administered throughout the procedure using its targeting set and vacuum tubing.
“Having the option of either pillar and post or grid for MR procedures is an improvement over existing options for MR-guided breast biopsy,” said Mary Mahoney, M.D., director, Breast Imaging, University of Cincinnati. “Mammotome is one of the most widely used devices in minimally invasive breast biopsy, and now we can offer it to more patients at high risk for breast cancer. I appreciate the simplicity this next generation system offers, and that it is compatible with our existing system.”
A Mammotome MR Biopsy System procedure involves the single insertion of a needle equipped with a vacuum device into an incision about the size of a match head says the company. Under MRI guidance, the device gently vacuums, cuts and partially or completely removes suspicious breast tissue for evaluation. The outpatient procedure can be performed in an MRI suite and typically takes an average of 30 minutes.
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