Technology | December 26, 2007

EndoTool Glucose Management System Calculates Dose, Controls Levels

The MD Scientific LLC EndoTool Glucose Management System controls in-patient blood glucose levels with a reportedly sophisticated software system that calculates the dose of intravenous (IV) insulin needed to quickly control blood glucose levels in a critical care setting.

It actively models and adapts to individual patient responses to IV insulin, even those with fluctuating insulin requirements, according to the company. The main component of the EndoTool Glucose Management System is a software program that runs on the hospital’s internal computer system. The caregiver inputs the patient’s blood sugar reading into the system and the program computes the rate of insulin necessary to maintain the blood sugar readings in the goal range that the hospital or physician has selected. The caregiver then adjusts the IV pump. EndoTool automatically computes when the next blood sugar reading is needed and will prompt the caregiver when it is due.

The system downloads all of this information to the hospital information system and performs quality assurance documentation for continuous quality improvement.

December 2007