News | October 26, 2006

ECRI has announced immediate plans to phase out the future development and support of its HECS4 computerized maintenance management system (CMMS). Because of the need for Internet-based software and other technological advancements, ECRI has aligned with an established CMMS software company, Phoenix Data Systems.
Phoenix has nearly 25 years of experience as a CMMS software developer and has continually supported and enhanced the AIMS Equipment Maintenance Management software, culminating in AIMS.NET, an Internet-based software application.
The collaboration of ECRI and Phoenix allows both organizations to focus on their strengths and capitalize on their respective relationships with hospitals throughout North America and worldwide. As part of the terms of the new contract, ECRI and Phoenix will collaborate on marketing AIMS.NET to North American users of HECS4. In addition, Phoenix has appointed ECRI as the exclusive international distributor for the AIMS.NET product and services.

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