News | May 07, 2008

Draeger Upgrades its Innovian Anesthesia System

May 8, 2008 - Draeger Medical released at AACN the Innovian Anesthesia Version 2.2, featuring expanded capabilities for IT performance in the perioperative suite.

Innovian Anesthesia integrates near real-time, life-critical information from patient monitoring, medical therapy devices and other ancillary information systems. It reportedly gives clinicians fast access to patient data, which can minimize the duplication of effort that often occurs with paper record systems.

Web API provides programmatic read/write access to Innovian Anesthesia data that is stored within the centralized system database. Version 2.2 enables access to Holding and PACU data in addition to supporting customized stored procedure calls that may be used for data mining or other cross-case data analysis. These new additions are also provided for use by the PreOp eForms product, which supports the creation of web-based documents similar in presentation to existing hospital paper forms.

The ReportViewer has been expanded to enable users to browse Innovian Anesthesia Clinical Reports through a third-party application. This Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) approach enhances data sharing in a secure, flexible and maintainable manner. Sharing data via network access enables expanded workflow flexibility for viewing patient data from any location, including remotely. This offers the user a variety of ways to access the data as well as a number of manners in which the data can be viewed.

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