Technology | October 09, 2007

Draeger Offers New, Compact Fabius Tiro M Anesthesia

Draeger Medical Inc. plans to show off its Fabius Tiro M, a deployable field anesthesia machine designed for use in a variety of environments in support of military missions worldwide.
It is designed to provide a full-feature anesthesia machine in a compact system for military installations in the field where general anesthesia is required. The Fabius Tiro M is a modular variant of the Fabius Tiro, which has been commercially marketed and successfully accepted in hospitals worldwide since 2003.
Developed in concert with military field hospital experts, the Fabius Tiro M incorporates an electronically controlled, piston-driven ventilator equipped with several advanced ventilation modes. The ventilator’s piston technology eliminates the need for a compressed gas source to drive the ventilator, which is an important consideration in field environments.
Its modular design allows all standard system components to be stored in a single military specified transport container. The design minimizes the number of required components allowing full set-up of the device within 15 minutes, without the use of tools. The Fabius Tiro M is designed to withstand the rigors of transport and continue to provide high-level functionality in the field of operations.
The Fabius Tiro M provides the clinician with an anesthesia system that incorporates the same high standards found in anesthesia systems in hospitals.